The Platform for Evaluating Athlete Knowledge in Sports – Nutrition Questionnaire

Athletes will find the Platform to Evaluate Athlete Knowledge of Sports – Nutrition Questionnaire (PEAKS-NQ) useful for understanding where their knowledge gaps may lie, which can then be addressed through education.



The PEAKS-NQ is a questionnaire that provides a rapid assessment of sports nutrition knowledge. It has been tested extensively in Australian athletes prior to its release. It contains two sections – 1. general nutrition, which assesses understanding of food groups and nutrients, and 2. sports nutrition, which examines comprehension of training, competition and recovery nutrition, strategies for changing body composition and specialised athlete issues such as supplement risk. Upon completion, you will automatically receive feedback on areas where you performed well and where your knowledge may not be as strong.



Time-efficient assessment

Quickly assess your level of sports nutrition knowledge in approximately 15 minutes.

Instantaneous scoring

Receive your results on the completion of the PEAKS-NQ.

Individualised feedback

Get targeted feedback to better understand which areas of nutrition you understand well, and what topics could be further improved.

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Who developed the PEAKS-NQ?

The PEAKS-NQ was developed by researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia in collaboration with Massey University, New Zealand.

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Disclaimer: Results from the PEAKS-NQ are based on the answers you have provided throughout the questionnaire. The PEAKS-NQ strives to provide you with individualised, actionable feedback. However, the information provided through the report may not always completely reflect your understanding of sports nutrition. If you have further concerns, please see an Accredited Sports Dietitian for further nutrition education and/or dietary advice.